We bring all the benefits of
nature into your workspace with office plants

Our unique service is about more than just office plants; it’s about creating healthier working environments that allow workers to thrive. Drawing on our innate emotional connection to nature, our bespoke indoor plant schemes improve air quality, reduce stress and promote productivity.

Today more than 50% of the world’s population now live in cities and a further concentration are in urban areas. This means we now need to consciously make a connection to plants. This means creating ‘small-scale nature that can live with us.’

What we do

We supply quality plants, either living or artificial, to help bring your space to life. Whether you want to buy them outright or rent them, whether you’re green-fingered or need us to maintain them, we are on hand to help.

We provide planting services inside and out, ensuring the great outdoors is brought to your commercial property. We believe in the real benefits that greenery brings to the workplace, and pride ourselves on creating quality plant installations, meant to last and provide ongoing enjoyment.

We have worked with offices, restaurants and hotels, and would love to discuss your needs with you. Whether you need a handful of pot plants to liven up your reception or a living wall to adorn a block of flats, we can make those dreams a reality!

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What exactly is Metronature?

Metronature is the place where our urban lives and nature meet; it’s about living side by side with nature again in a way that makes sense in our fast-paced, increasingly man-made world.

When working with Metronature, we utilise the power of living plants to create an environment where health and harmony come together. Whether it’s small-scale greening with office plants in Dublin or large, living wall installations, the benefits are clear to see. Overall health improves, stress levels drop and productivity increases; in short, we see a healthier, happier workforce.

The effects of spending time in and around nature is nothing new but our unique approach to restoring our connection to nature is.

Talk to us about how we can bring Metronature and its many benefits to your office or workplace today.

Living walls, also known as Green Walls will provide a huge visual impact in any environment, interior or exterior. No matter what size they will add colour and life to any blank wall.

Greenscene has established a strong reputation for supplying any scheme small or large on time within budget, followed by a maintenance service which is second to none…

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