Live Plants - Installed and Designed by Greenscene

Live Plants

They bring joy to those around them and breathe life into any space.

They make us happier and healthier – boosting our mood, reducing our stress levels, increasing our creativity and purifying the air around us! Plants make life better.

Greenscene are specialists in high quality live plants. Our expert team will design and install stunning live plant displays to suit any interior environment. Nowadays it’s all about making a good impression on your customers and motivating your staff with beautiful tropical plants. Selecting the right plants for your office is not as easy as it looks, and keeping the plants looking perfect after your purchase requires specialist skills and attention.

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Many plants deteriorate through over or under watering, inadequate light levels or general neglect. Here at Greenscene we believe you should concentrate on what you’re good at and leave the green fingers to us.

We are proud to say that we are able to source all interior plants commercially grown in Ireland when possible or from our neighbours in the U.K. or Holland. From flowering orchids for a reception area to large Veitchia merrillii (adonidia) palms to fill the biggest atriums. From a full range of cactii & succulents to lush ficus specimen in various shapes / heights. We place orders on a weekly basis so the lead time is never too long.

We are pleased to be recognised as the leading supplier of KOBERG Live Plants in Ireland.

Exterior Live Plants

We offer a range of services for different professional markets. From full size Prunus Lusitanica Portugal Laurel or Griselinia to create an instant hedge to that matching pair of buxus spirals you need for a hotel entrance. We can supply and install Sedum Garden/Green Roofs or instant quality Irish Turfgrass Sod. We also offer a professional tree pruning service.

Plants do more than just add colour to your workplace, they also filter the air. Greenery in an office helps reduce anxiety, negative feelings and boost energy. By adding some greenery to your office you can provide a healthy environment where productivity and creativity are increased and employee stress levels are reduced. 

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The influence of plants on our life

Plants increase productivity

Plants help increase focus and concentration levels resulting in fewer mistakes and faster completion of tasks. Doctor of Psychology Chris Knight, in his study of workplace efficiency, concluded that employees are 15% more productive when live plants are present in their workplace.

Plants reduce stress

Research has shown that contact with nature can reduce the chance of employees suffering from stress related conditions. When employees are less stressed they are better able to handle their workplace duties resulting in increased productivity and job satisfaction.

Plants produce clean air

Plants absorb pollutants, dust and strip toxins from the air and replace them with oxygen. Clean air results in a fresher and healthier environment for employees meaning fewer employee sick days and absences.

Plants increase creativity

Workers report more innovative thinking when they are surrounded by beautiful flowers. Plants help boost creativity within a workplace. Plants represent nature and individuals draw inspiration from them sparking their creative gene.

Interior Live Plants​

100s of interior tropical plants to choose from.


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